Would you fuck me?

My man and I went to a swinger’s party this weekend. Lucky for you I was nice enough to document the sexy lingerie I wore. It makes my pussy wet when little wankers like you know exactly what you’re missing.

 Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-0-censored Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-1-censored

We were undoubtedly the hottest couple in the club that night. I could feel the eyes on me from the second I entered the room, and I hadn’t even taken off my coat. The crowd was…typical for a San Francisco swingers club. There were some attractive people, but none quite presented themselves like a porn star does. My hair was long and pulled back, eyelashes big, tits pushed up tight….

Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-2-censored Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-3-censored

Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-4-censoredMiss-CherryTorn-NightOut-4-censored Miss-CherryTorn-NightOut-5-censored

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Images also attached separately for the close up obsessed.

Miss Torn

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